Simone Akyianu

Simone Akyianu

Simone Akyianu

B.A. (Hons), B.C.L., LL.B., Associate

phone: 416-533-0040

Simone is a graduate of McGill Law and holds an Honours Bachelor’s of Arts in Health Studies, Ethics and African Studies.

Inspired by her mother and Ghanaian roots, Simone decided to leverage her legal education in service of social, economic and racial justice.

Simone’s legal skills are informed by her passion for equality. With this passion, Simone enriched life at McGill Law as Managing Editor of the McGill Law Journal, writing for Faculty journals and serving on the Educational Equity Advisory Group to amplify the voice of Black, Indigenous, disabled and LGBTQ2S+ students.

Her interest in human rights law magnified while working with equity minded colleagues on systemic discrimination issues and in the Julius Isaac Alexander Diversity Moot on constitutional and criminal law. While at a national law firm, Simone deepened her commitment to advocacy in Indigenous and health law, and spearheaded equity initiatives.

Simone has delivered and curated public lectures on race, agency and intersectional policy for students, educators and community groups in Ottawa, Montreal, Windsor and Toronto.

Simone meanwhile has managed to raise a brilliant and hilarious daughter. When not deep in the law, Simone loves bingeing podcasts and taking dance class – usually hip hop, dancehall or Afrobeats inspired.

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