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Another Blow to Access to Justice in Canada

  • October 25, 2018
  • Laura Lepine
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The Conversation has recently published an article by Doug Ferguson and Jason H. Voss entitled “How a proposed law could cut off legal aid for low-income people”.

The article discusses Bill C-75, a federal bill currently before the Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights. The legislation seeks to amend Canada’s Criminal Code, including by increasing the maximum penalty for all summary conviction offences from six months to two years. » Read the rest

Discriminatory Post-Secondary Albatross Removed!

  • January 21, 2016
  • BakerLaw
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Recently, bakerlaw settled a case for its client who was unable to return to school because she had previously failed a class as a result of a lack of disability supports. At the time, the student did not realize she had a disability. It was only after being removed from the program that she learned of the disability and how it was a factor in the failed grade and her ultimate removal from the institution. » Read the rest

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