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The Gabriel Award Goes to the film ‘I Go Forward’, Depicting Justin Clark’s Story

The Gabriel Award, sponsored by The Catholic Academy of Communication Professionals, is awarded to films that convey “the worthiness of individuals while honoring the beauty of the human spirit.” For more information about the award, please visit their website here (link). This year, I Go Forward by David Gutnick is the recipient of this prestigious award and has been recognized in the General Excellence category. » Read the rest

Revisiting Clark v. Clark

  • December 5, 2018
  • Anoop Kalsi
  • Comments Off on Revisiting Clark v. Clark

In 1982, surrounding talks around the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, Justin Clark began a battle for what would ultimately become a pivotal movement for Canadian disability rights. 26 years ago, on November 25, 1982, Judge John Ross Matheson rendered his historical ruling which determined that Justin Clark was mentally competent and able to make his own decisions. » Read the rest

Reflections on Justice John Matheson’s Landmark Decision in Clark v Clark

  • August 16, 2017
  • BakerLaw
  • Comments Off on Reflections on Justice John Matheson’s Landmark Decision in Clark v Clark

In 1982, Justin Clark made history when he successfully defeated his parents’ application to have him declared legally incapable of making his own decisions. Justin had lived in the Rideau Regional Centre in Lanark County for 18 of his 20 years of life, and suffered multiple disabilities as a result of cerebral palsy. » Read the rest

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