Public servants with visual impairments say government failing them

  • July 23, 2015
  • Phil Emery
  • Comments Off on Public servants with visual impairments say government failing them

David Baker recently spoke with Julie Ireton of CBC to voice the concerns of public servants with visual impairments who allege that the federal government is lagging behind when it comes to accessibility in employment. Please see CBC’s July 2, 2015 article to learn more about the federal government’s failure to ensure all of its employees have the tools necessary to do their jobs (link to article).

bakerlaw previously represented a blind woman in a civil suit against the federal government due to its failure to make its websites accessible to blind Canadians. The Honourable Justice Kelen of the Federal Court found that the Charter of Rights and Freecdoms guarantees blind Canadians access to electronic means of communication, and that as communication technologies change the legal obligation to maintain accessibility will not (link to decision). This decision was upheld by the Honourable Justice Nadon on appeal (link to decision).

Fore more information on your rights to accommodation in employment, please contact us (link).

– This post is current as of the time of writing. Readers should not rely on this post as legal advice. –

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