Sexual Harassment and Assault

Are people at work making sexualized comments about you, your body, your clothes? Has someone touched you inappropriately or without your consent? Are you a survivor of sexual harassment or assault?

Survivors of sexual harassment or assault are often intimidated or threatened into silence. Bakerlaw is honoured to have worked with incredibly strong women who are determined to seek justice and/or protect others from facing the same treatment. Our clients refuse to be intimidated or silenced. 

Bakerlaw is sensitive to the concerns and needs of survivors, and offers confidential, individually-tailored advice for clients harmed by sexual violence or harassment. We have assisted clients with lawsuits, human rights applications, Criminal Injuries Compensation Board claims (now the Victim Quick Response Program +) and confidential settlements. 

If you have experienced sexual harassment or assault and need support or guidance, we encourage you to consult SHARE website (link). This free, culturally sensitive resource may offer some guidance. 

If you want to discuss a legal resolution to your experience, contact us (link).

– This post is current as of the time of writing. Readers should not rely on this post as legal advice. –

Related Cases

  • AB v Joe Singer Shoes Limited

    A.B. v. Joe Singer Shoes Limited, 2018 HRTO 107 and Joe Singer Shoes Limited v. A.B., 2019 ONSC 5628 (Div Ct): In this case we secured a landmark monetary award for our client who endured a poisoned work environment, sexual assault and sexual harassment in the workplace and in housing. The decision was challenged by the Respondent but upheld in its entirety at Divisional Court.

    – This post is current as of the time of writing. Readers should not rely on this post as legal advice. –

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