Immigration Law

Applicants wishing to immigrate to Canada face significant hurdles, such as fulfilling the points requirement for economic immigration or qualifying under the family reunification category. Even if applicants are able to overcome these obstacles, those with disabilities may still be denied admission to Canada.

Bakerlaw is able to use its expertise in disability-related issues and knowledge of the disability services sector to respond to “fairness” letters from Citizenship and Immigration Canada, including preparing evidence about the availability or unavailability of health and social services. We can help you to ensure that you have the best possible chance of success in getting Citizenship and Immigration Canada to find that you would not cause an “excessive demand” on health or social services. If Citizenship and Immigration Canada has found that you are inadmissible under the “excessive demand” provision, Bakerlaw can help you appeal this decision, either to the Immigration and Refugee Board or to the Federal Court. To view the full immigration law FAQ, click here.

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