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Bakerlaw is a strong advocate for patient rights. One area in which we have made tremendous progress for clients is in securing reimbursement from OHIP for necessary out-of-country medical services. Sometimes the medical treatment you need is not available here in Ontario, or wait lists and other delays prevent timely access to necessary medical services and pose a serious risk to your health. To address these problems, OHIP provides an out-of-country program that, in certain circumstances, will pay the costs of your medical treatment outside Canada. To view the Out of Country FAQ page, click here.

Bakerlaw regularly assists clients with the completion of applications made to the Ministry of Health for out-of-country treatment. In addition to working with young people and their families to secure funding for inpatient residential treatment for concurrent diagnoses (drug and alcohol addictions as well as mental health issues), we frequently represent adults with a variety of medical needs who seek to secure treatment for necessary medical services in the United States. Crucial support is provided by Bakerlaw in our work with physicians (who are not reimbursed by OHIP for completing these applications) in helping to secure the medical evidence necessary to support a successful application.

If an application is denied, Bakerlaw can request that the Ministry of Health reconsider their decision, and can provide advice about the possibility of appealing the Ministry’s decision to the Health Services Appeal and Review Board. Bakerlaw represents clients in applications and appeals on a regular basis, and has assisted many clients in receiving funding for the treatment they need.

To discuss your application or appeal for out-of-country funding, please call us.

On April 1, 2009, the government substantially changed the rules about when OHIP will pay the costs of getting medical treatment outside of Canada. Watch here for more information on these changes.

Bakerlaw understands the unique challenges and legal issues that can arise for people who require attendant care. We effectively advocate for clients who live in Ontario’s Supported Services Living Units, and for those seeking access to Direct Funding Agreements with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, administered by organizations including the Centre for Independent Living Toronto.

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