Consulting services

Bakerlaw provides consulting services on equality and disability issues.

We have worked for provincial and federal government agencies researching legal questions on equality rights. Our staff have also worked with national and international non-governmental organizations to compare the equality protections afforded to people in different countries.

Past projects have included the completion of a report for the Canadian Human Rights Commission (PDF available on CHRC website here) on the legal duty to accommodate Environmental Sensitivities. Bakerlaw also recently researched and drafted a report on equality considerations arising in Canada’s national security laws and reflected in the reports of national security agencies.

For the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario, Bakerlaw has completed implementation materials for a proposed regulation on accessibility in customer service PDF. Our work on this project included extensive research on the approach that other countries and governments use to explain laws. In addition, our team worked with the Accessibility Directorate to draft Interpretive Guidelines that interpret and explain the meaning of the standard (PDF | HTML). We drafted questions to help the ADO assess whether organizations are complying with the standard, and created a Compliance Assistance Workbook to provide organizations with practical hands-on information to help them implement the standard’s requirements (PDF | HTML).

Most recently, Bakerlaw completed a strategic options paper for Barrier Free Manitoba on possible approaches to improving provincial accessibility standards legislation (Word | PDF).

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