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Our Clients

Individual Interests

At bakerlaw, it is our privilege to represent a diverse clientele. We consistently assist individual clients with an array of legal matters; whether it is obtaining redress for discrimination, or fighting for access to needed services, whatever the issue, we are skilled at furthering a client’s cause.

This commitment to individual rights has a long history at bakerlaw. One of our earliest clients, Justin Clark, found himself faced with a difficult legal dilemma at the heart of personal liberty: he was asked to prove to a court of law that he was “mentally competent”, in order to retain the right to make decisions about his life. It was our privilege to act for Justin in his courageous campaign to assert his legal rights. Ultimately, Judge J. Matheson found in Justin’s favour, recognizing, in Justin, “a gentle, trusting, believing spirit and very much a thinking human being who has his unique part to play in our compassionate interdependent society.”

Clients like Justin give our firm the inspiration and ability to promote accessible justice from the grassroots up. To learn more about our representation of Justin, review his case online at Clark v. Clark (link).

For more information about Justin, including an interview with CBC’s Barbara Frum, see the video online:



Organizational Interests

At bakerlaw, we are also proud to represent institutional clients working to change the law at a macro-level. Over the years, we have acted for various community groups, national organizations, not-for-profits, and other actors, including the Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD), the Canadian Association for Community Living (CACL); Democracy Watch; the National Anti-Poverty Organization; and the Canadian Muslim Civil Liberties Association. By voicing our clients’ causes in landmark cases, we help our clients influence the direction of the law.

We have also contributed research, policy recommendations, and consulting services to research bodies and policy-making groups domestically and abroad, including law reform commissions; civil liberties associations; human rights commissions; and government task forces. By doing so, we help facilitate progressive law-making that promotes human rights, accessibility, and individual and societal interests.

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