Life Gift by Audrey King

  • January 20, 2016
  • BakerLaw
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My purpose in making this video is to inform those with authority, influence and decision making powers… (e.g. educators, health care professionals, parents ) that life is valuable, regardless of circumstance.

Even with severe disability, the goals, achievements and pleasures of life are entirely possible.

Some choose to deliberately expedition themselves across the Sahara or quest the summit of Everest.  For others, it is fate that provides the opportunity.  The planning, organizing, denying,  dependence, scheduling and suffering is no less. No less is the satisfaction that comes with a goal well reached.

Denying hope, preventing opportunity, devaluing another human, based on what you see , is damaging and destructive.

Belief in the worth of a person is what makes it possible.

~Audrey King

You can view the video here (link).

“HOPE is oxygen for the Soul” (Margaret Somerville)

“A crack is where the light gets in”  (Leonard Cohen)

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