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Student Loans a Major Source of Discrimination Against Post-Secondary Students with Disabilities

Toronto, ON, July 16, 2014 – Students with disabilities have significantly higher costs when attending post-secondary colleges and universities.  What is less well understood is that many students with disabilities are also burdened with significantly higher student debt to repay after leaving school.…

Bakerlaw Blog | Recent Announcements

Communications and Disability Rights: How Litigation before the CRTC Can Make a Difference

This summer, Bakerlaw is pleased to host Julia Munk, Osgoode Hall Law School’s 2014 Kreppner Plater Fellowship winner. Julia is researching how effective advocacy before the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) can make gains for the rights of persons with disabilities generally.

Bakerlaw Blog | Recent Announcements

Environmental Issues and Disability Rights

Toronto, ON, July 9, 2014 - Noise and chemicals are two ways in which our public and private institutions have been endangering the health of workers, residents and travelers.

bakerlaw was counsel to the West Toronto Diamond Community Group (WTDCG) in their successful efforts to stop Metrolinx’s use of high impact pile drivers in their assault on the low income residents of the Junction area of Toronto.…

Bakerlaw Blog | Recent Announcements

Human Rights Commission Releases Policy on Mental Illness and Addiction-based Discrimination

This week, the Ontario Human Rights Commission released its new “Policy on preventing discrimination based on mental health disabilities and addictions” (link to policy).  This much-needed policy will shed light on how to recognize the existence of a mental health disability and addiction, and a corresponding duty to accommodate, as well as the process of accommodation itself in these cases.  …

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Federal Court of Appeal Rules Employers Must Accommodate Childcare Obligations

Toronto, ON, May 27, 2014 — In a unanimous decision, the Federal Court of Appeal found that it is discriminatory for employers to refuse to accommodate employees with bona fide childcare obligations.  The Court upheld the decision of the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal which ruled that Canadian National Railway (CN) discriminated against Denise Seeley by failing to accommodate her family obligations.…

Bakerlaw Blog | Recent Announcements

Good News About Special Education

Toronto, ON, May 20, 2014 — It is frightening how many families have had their exceptional child excluded indefinitely from school, or have felt compelled to home school or privately educate their child because a publicly funded school did not meet their child’s needs. …